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Private Consultations


How can I prepare myself to connect with my soul journey ?

Meditate for a few minutes in a quiet place with your eyes closed. As you reflect on the reason for our session, see if you feel some kind of discomfort or blockage in your body, mind or spirit and make a note of it.

  • What patterns or situations in your life are you looking to change?

  • What personal qualities do you wish to recover? 

  • How would your life be if you have never experienced this problem?


As we grow into our power, we often find new perspectives on situations and the ability to view things in a new light. It’s important to ask yourself what lessons you have learned from the experience. However painful it may be, observe the lesson from it and reflect upon it for a moment.


  • What were the hidden gifts from this hardship that you may have previously overlooked? 

  • What have been your strengths? The things you are good at, your gifts that permit you to continue forward at the energetic and spiritual level?

What does it happen in a shamanic energy clearing session?

We will explore the reflections and themes that you bring to your healing session under the perception of the Soul, at the energetic or spiritual level. 

You will move the energy that is in disharmony in order to return to your energetic equilibrium with yourself and the relationships of your personal world and that which surrounds you.


The wisdom keepers have been practicing for millennia an ancient body of inner work techniques, practices, rites and ceremonies. I will use these tools in your behalf and teach you how to use after the session some of the basic tools to keep your energetic body clean, nurtured, and healthy.


The first part of the session 

Fear or love carry different energies, fear blocks or slows us down, love is light and we flow with everything feeling good. A shamanic energy session open a sacred space to let go the heavy energetic baggage. The begin of a healing session generaly has a lot to do with forgiveness to come into a place of humbleness and to ask for forgiveness for unconscious and conscious moments that you might have offended somebody and yourself. Just observe in a meditative stage don’t engage with the emotional level; just observe the energy moving out. 

The second part of the session has to do with receiving blessings; pure light energy will come back into your energetic body and bring back the balance. 

After we finish the session we will share, and you will receive a couple of exercises to do in order to integrate the blessings and to create a new pattern.


How can I integrate the new wisdom in my daily life?


When we finish the session, I might ask you to look for a movement, a word, and an expression of something simple that will represent the new energy of your healing.

During 28 days you might want to commit to your empowerment as redirecting the new energy into a new habit. The new ritual will create a new way of thinking, feeling and doing, creates a stage of being. Creates a new map for you to move in.

Also I will give you a couple of exercise for the integration and closure of your session, for example like a sand painting (Mandala), Fire Ceremony, or to create an Altar for your ancestors.


Thank you for stepping in your transformational journey and for allowing me to support you.

I am looking forward working with you !


“Empowerment is a journey to boldly embody wisdom.

Trust your Heart and Soul- they know the route.” 

~ Maria Clara Castaneda   





  Guidance and mentoring

   for Personal Growth 

Coaching session

45-60 Minutes   



   a transformational inner journey

Shamanic Energy Clearing session

60-75 Minutes 


Your personal Retreat

A space for self discovery & Change

   Flourish into who you Are

   3 hs. evening & 3 hs. next morning



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Boutiques Ceremonies

   explore Nature & Ancient Wisdom


Bridging Ancient Wisdom in our modern world
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