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Maria Clara Castaneda

​As a Life & Soul Coach, Maria Clara supports people leap fearlessly into the unknown and flourish.

From a young age, she went through numerous changes in her life, and lived in many diverse nations. From these experiences, she learned to face the unpredictable, powerfully, and learned expertise about this process at the material, emotional, and soul levels.

After intense personal healing, she completed the Four Winds Light Body School training which integrates ancient shamanic teachings with leading edge neuroscience. She also fulfilled the Master-level curriculum and Dying Consciously Teacher Training at the two international schools founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: The Four Winds Society in the USA, and Los Cuatro Caminos headed by Marcela Lobos in Chile. Nowadays she assists both schools as ambassador, mentor, coordinator, assistant teacher, senior Shaman, and academic advisor.

Her work is a blend of global training, life experiences, leadership, strengths and gifts, and focuses on empowering women, supporting growth, self-care and love. People value that she can deeply understand their situation and provide a safe and peaceful space, supporting honest and authentic self-expression through compassionate communication. 


The ancient shamanic teachings are very practical and their essence is a universal wisdom. The transformational journey challenges us to become our deepest truth. It requires willingness to grow beyond the familiar known-comfort zone, personal commitment, common sense, grounding and a great vision as much as an open heart and joy.

Using ancient spiritual wisdom, Maria Clara guides people into new situations, especially places where ‘a leap’ is necessary, places where many of us feel insecure and fearful. The ancient wisdom and practices of the Shaman create a sacred container, where one can release the energy of the past, integrate experiences, and spring forward freely with power and clarity. 

She is self-motivated and passionate in a sensual, sweet, feminine way. She is also a fearlessly powerful and luxuriant soul who embraces the modern world of fashion, art, technology. She brings these qualities into her work to help other women feel empowered and spiritually connected.

Maria Clara lived eight years in Germany, four and a half years in Mexico City, and six years in the Bay Area in California. She has also lived in Argentina. She has two young boys studying in the Netherlands. Although she has extensive training, a good deal of her knowledge comes from being self-taught.

She has an active social life which includes going out dancing and traveling. She enjoys music from opera to techno house and fitness programs such as zumba and yoga. She truly loves nature, meditation, and ceremony. She enjoys being home just as much as traveling and discovering the world. She is committed to people walking in their empowerment and truth, and being a bridge between worlds (modern life and spiritual wisdom). 


Presently, Maria Clara resides in Germany, offering workshops for women and consultations in Spanish, English, and German.



“I have learned that when you are truly able to transform your perception, and tap into a sincere feeling of gratitude, you break free from carrying the energetic baggage of the past, and step into your own true power.”  

~ Maria Clara Castaneda

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