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Exploring the Unknown

I want to create a life of abundance, passion, and creativity.


Maybe you've said these things before:

  • I have a lot of excuses that keep me from moving out of my comfort zone.

  • I feel like I don't have the power to create the life that I want

  • I feel like fear and insecurity hold me back.

  • I feel stuck in the past.

  • I am in pain.

  • I am afraid to let go of the old.

  • I feel frustrated, bored, disconnected, tired, dissatisfied and/or depressed.

  • I feel imbalanced.

  • I want to leap...but I'm carrying all the baggage from my past and it makes me slow and heavy. I probably invest more energy than is needed. And I sense there is an enormous source of power inside the old dream, but I'm not sure how to access it. 

It's safe to leap into the unknown

  • Life's natural forces will always lead you to leap.

  • Life is a big opportunity to open up your heart and trust experience. 

  • Leaping is a symbolic death experience; you let go of the old and close a stage of life to be able to leap into the new

  • Fear and insecurity paralyze your power; they are also allies because they point to things in you that can be changed.

  • When leaping into the unknown or enter a new stage of life, you always receive guidance and support. This leads to understanding and clarity.

You can transform your fear into your greatest power

This power is now a form of potential energy. The key is to consciously transform and integrate all the steps from your journey at the energetic level in order to use all that potential energy to leap into your new dream.

These are the benefits:


  • You grow into your power and passion. 

  • You access your talents and gifts.

  • You feel more satisfaction, peace, understanding and compassion for yourself and others.

  • You express yourself as a free creative being who can better nurture yourself and others.

I help you leap by offering you a safe space where you can open up to review and release what is holding you back.

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