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Flourish into Who You Are


Do these problems sound familiar?e

Imbalance, loss of energy, power, and passion, feeling stuck in old patterns, suffering from old hurts, fears about moving out of your comfort zone, inability to change old beliefs, faulty inner structures, and clinging to commitments which no longer serve you, depression, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, frustration, doubts, dissatisfaction, ambivalence, loneliness, heavy obligations and responsibilities. 


We all go through experiences in our lives that cause us some harm. It can be things from past relationships, job situations, family situations, etc. Even though we may not be thinking of these old wounds anymore, and in spite of our best efforts to try not to let them affect us, we still carry around their heavy energetic baggage.  


The Wisdom keepers of the ancient Americas belive that we carry a seed of pure light deep within us. We hold a drop of the divine mystery or if you like we can call it unconditional love and pure potentials. Shamanism is a life path deep connected with nature. Shamans teach us the way of nature & how to cultivate a right relationship with ourself at the pysical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic level.  They hold an ancient body of spiritual wisdom, teachings, rites, ceremonies, and simple practices to grow and flourish into who we really are.

Shamanic Energy Clearing Sessions

So how do I get myself back on track?

How can I release what didn’t serve me anymore?

How can I cultivate my greatest potentials?  


Shamanic energy clearing sessions works at the Soul level, it would not only clean, shift, and update the energy also support us to connect with our greatest self. 


As Life & Soul Coach, I will support you with the following process:


  • Interview

  • Shamanic Energy Clearing Session 

  • Exercises to create new rituals



Do you feel called to work with me?


Click here to find more about private consultations.


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