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Duesseldorf, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

How to book a session?
  • Initial Contact

    • Please let me know your country, preferred days, and times for the appointment.

    • I will check the time zone and offer you an appointment for the following week.

    • I speak English, German and Spanish.

  • Brief Consultation

    • We will have a brief discussion via phone, Zoom, or email to determine if we are a good match.

  • Scheduling the Appointment

    • We schedule an initial session, which typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

    • You can choose the frequency of your ongoing sessions. While a single session can provide clear results, regular sessions offer greater benefits and deeper change.


  • Consultations in Duesseldorf, the Netherlands, Romania and online.


When a crisis shatters us, we have a choice: we can let it consume us, become numb from the suffering, and deny our power by feeling like a victim. Or, we can choose to go through the pain, using it as a passage of transformation. This is exactly what I experienced—each challenge became an opportunity to redesign myself completely, discovering a renewed and deeper part of my soul. This journey of syncing with life’s cycles and facing crises head-on has been a process of maturity, wholeness, and joy. It has taught me to embrace a new world of self-discovery and transformation, leading to a fulfilling, enriched life.

I started getting in sync with life, feeling the natural cycles of prepping the soil, planting seeds, and finally harvesting and sharing the fruits. I learned to make peace with my past, heal my fears, forgive, and joyfully embrace an epic destiny that led me to self-fulfillment in every part of my life—not just spiritually, but also emotionally, psychologically, and in terms of my well-being and work. I rooted the spiritual Andean teachings into my everyday life as a woman, staying grounded while walking a path of vision and inspiration. This journey helped me grow my wisdom and vision through dedication, and now I share my knowledge with others.

Thank you so much for your precious time, for visiting my website and connecting with me. Thank you!

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