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Supporting People Discover 
Their Greatest Self

What is the situation you are working on ?

What would you like to achieve ?

What is holding you back ?

How it does affect your relationships, carrier, life choices ?

What is the challenge to overcome that ?

Which benefits would you get by making the right changes?

Would you like my support ? 

Some people suffer from being stuck in old beliefs or structures and patterns. They don't know how to create a new model for themselves. They spend too much energy and attention on the past. I support them make the jump toward the new by clearing and redirecting their energy and focus. The result is that they are free to leap into the new, while adding more power to their life plan.

Some people are afraid to leap into the unknown because they are resistant to taking action. I help them leap by offering a safe space while they release what does not serve them anymore. The result is that they go for their dreams with satisfaction, passion, and ease.

Some people want to create something new but feel insecure about leaping into an unknown situation. I support them with a safe space where they can open up to review and release what it is holding them back. The result is that they feel much lighter and have the inner peace to leap in the unknown.

Some people feel they don’t have the power to create their life the way they want. I help them to clear the energy that is obstructing this creation. The result is they recover their clarity and courage to leap into the new creation with ease.

  Boutique Ceremonies

 The high expectations of our fast, modern lives may  cause inner tension and anxiety. I help you through  ancient ceremonies, which create a space for you to  relax from your worries and reconnect with your  inner self. 


Boutique Ceremonies

Maria Clara Castaneda Interviewed by Prof.Dr. Matei Georgescu

TVH University Spiru Haret Bucharest

Radio Gaia Romania

The Art of Healing with Dr. Raluca Costache, M.D.

Interview topic: "Supporting People Discover Their Greatest Self". 

Let yourself


Flourish into who you are ~Life & Soul Coaching

​It is natural and safe to leap because it is a process developed by Nature herself.

She goes through every cycle from winter to summer, leaping from one to another.

All the elements of nature are in transition all the time, as are we.

Returning to nature and connecting with her energy, I can recover my natural intuition, power, and passion to leap safely into all that I want to create. I flow with nature, attuned with the force of life. And I blossom.


Free Spirit VR, the guided mediation in virtual realitycreated by Jelena Januskevic, Colibri XR GmbH, and narrated by Maria Clara Castaneda, who is inspiring by her beautiful voice and an insightful deep poem.

Available on Steam store from 11 December 2020.

Free Spirit VR immerses you into the meditative journey on the Inca path in the sacred valley of Peruvian Andes. Walking in beauty, connected with your heart and passion, you will explore the mountain track, admire the sunset above the Andean peaks, Urubamba river and mysterious Machu Picchu, listen to the sounds of nature and the relaxing native American flute and follow the voice of the wisdom woman inviting you to release the energy of the past and set your intentions for the future at the sacred fire while catching a glimpse of the Milky Way.

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